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Course in Microsoft Designer

Upskill your social media game

Apply AI

Learn to create stunning social media posts in seconds with the power of Microsoft Designer – the new integrated Artificial Intelligence Tool. It’s free to use, course on how to use it is only $20 at this point in time – will go up. Don’t miss out!

A course in Microsoft Designer: inclusions:

Discover how to use the potent combination of traditional design tools and Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft Designer. This innovative tool empowers you to create stunning social media posts, intriguing ads, dynamic event pages, and a cohesive brand toolkit to take your social media marketing game to a whole new level.

Integrated seamlessly with popular social media platforms – LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, Microsoft Designer is your one-stop shop for design and social media management. Our comprehensive course promises to transform you from a novice to a pro in leveraging Microsoft Designer effectively. Our curriculum encompasses:

  1. Topical & Stylish Social Media Posts: Learn to generate posts based on specific topics and styles.
  2. Generative Images: Master the art of creating unique, AI-powered images.
  3. Instant Social Media Posting: Connect Microsoft Designer to your social platforms for immediate sharing.
  4. Fast Content Generation: Get a grip on text generation akin to ChatGPT for rapid content creation.
  5. Easy Image Adjustment: Discover how to tweak images effortlessly to match your style or brand.
  6. Brand Toolkit Creation: Learn to build a brand toolkit for consistent branding.
  7. And so much more!

This course requires no prior design experience. Whether your focus is social media marketing, personal branding, or just keeping up with the latest trends in graphic design, we’ve got you covered!

Our course is a concise, hour-long journey that efficiently takes you from zero to hero in all of Microsoft Designer’s features. We’ve carefully designed each lesson to be clear, succinct, and supplemented with practical examples for both personal and professional contexts. With the speed and beauty of the posts you’ll create post-course, we promise you’ll make up the time invested multi-fold – all at a bargain price!

Get ready to revolutionize your design and social media game with Microsoft Designer. Join us today and step into a brighter, more creative tomorrow!

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