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Use AI in the right way.

A course in AI can get you ahead of the curve in your professional life. ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI, has revolutionized the way we create, curate, and consume content, along with other tools fresh on the market. For example, how to generate the image on the left – and it can be refined further, until you don’t see it’s AI generated anymore.

AI developments come with a few problems as well: you don’t want to copy-paste everything the machine generates or alienate your audience with off-tone content. Learn how to use AI in a professional manner.

Why should I learn more about AI?

Understanding and leveraging AI tools has become more than just a ‘nice-to-have’ skill. It’s now an essential part of staying competitive in the digital world. A course in AI, such as ChatGPT or other platforms offer an in-depth understanding of the technology and its applications, empowering you to generate high-quality, unique content efficiently if you do it well. Of course, you don’t want to come across as generic to both your human audience and Google. Use AI as a tool, not to replace you or your profession.

Whether you’re a writer seeking to streamline your content creation process, a digital marketer looking to boost SEO rankings, or a curious learner eager to grasp the latest tech, understanding ChatGPT can greatly enhance your capabilities. This technology is not only shaping the present but will undoubtedly dominate the future of digital content, making a course in AI and ChatGPT a worthwhile investment in your personal and professional growth.

Learn artificial intelligence

Course in ChatGPT

Curious how ChatGPT can help you in your professional and personal life? There is a special course for marketers, bloggers, social media managers and small business owners covering how to use ChatGPT for marketing, social media and SEO. The course is currently priced at $47 for early birds and includes two bonus courses: one in Microsoft Designer, one in Google Bard and Microsoft AI. If you are curious on how you can use AI to make your professional and personal life easier, this course is for you. Check out the link for more information.

ChatGPT Course

Learn how to use ChatGPT for marketing, blogging, social media and SEO. Great for every professional wanting to be more efficient, effective and work faster.

Microsoft Designer Course

Bonus 1: A course in Microsoft Designer, to easily create social media posts with the power of Artificial Intelligence. Learn how to use this free tool to your advantage.

Google Bard & Microsoft AI

Bonus 2: A course in Google Bard and Microsoft AI, the competitors of ChatGPT. Learn how to use these platforms as well and benefit from all the major AI tools available.

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